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About VIP Preferred

VIP Preferred is a fast and easy way to access your cash at more than 400 gaming establishments. Once enrolled, simply present your ID to a casino cashier and obtain your cash. It's quick, easy and hassle-free. VIP Preferred also offers you the convenience of cashing checks electronically, also known as e-checks, without having to bring your checkbook.

Your limit applies to personal cash access with both paper and electronic checks (e-checks). Your cash access privileges will be honored as long as you do not exceed your assigned limit and your account remains in good standing.

Each open item will be deducted from your available limit. After a 7-day period the dollar amount of each paper check or e-check transaction that clears the bank will be added back to your available limit for future use.

You can see a listing of all locations that accept VIP Preferred HERE.

How to Enroll in VIP Preferred

Enrollment is simple and fast and can be done either at the cashier cage or online portal of your preferred gaming site. You only need to enroll once to enjoy check cashing privileges at any participating location in our VIP Preferred Network.

When enrolling at a participating location, you will be asked to complete a simple form and present a commercially imprinted blank check with a matching valid driver's license, state ID, military ID or passport. Instead of a blank check, you can also provide your bank account number and routing number. In less than 90 seconds you will be notified of your new 7-day check cashing limit. You can immediately begin cashing paper or electronic checks at any location in our VIP Preferred Network.

How to Use VIP Preferred

After you have been enrolled in VIP Preferred, you may quickly cash personal checks from any account in your name by providing the cashier with your ID*. In just a few seconds you will have your cash and be on your way.

Ask your cashier for details.

If you wish to process an e-check transaction, simply present the cashier with your ID*. Tell the cashier you wish to cash an e-check along with the dollar amount you wish to cash. Verify the checking account you wish to use and sign a receipt authorizing Pavilion Payments to debit your designated checking account in the form of an electronic funds transfer (EFT). You will be provided with a copy of the receipt for your records.

Ask your cashier for details.

E-check transactions are debited from your designated bank account the next banking day.

You can cash electronic checks at any ATM that displays our ATM Cash @dvantage logo. A valid driver's license is required for ATM check transactions. Just swipe or insert your valid drivers license and follow the instructions on the screen. You will be promoted to answer authenticating security questions.

Choice4 is a service available at select gaming locations that allows for delayed settlement of e-check transactions. They are cashed just like an e-check, except you will be given the option to select a 7, 14, 21 or 28 calendar-day settlement term. In cases where the settlement date falls on a weekend or banking holiday, the transaction will settle the next banking day.*

*Not all settlement terms are available at all casinos. Ask your casino cashier for details.

About VIP Preferred Accounts

Present your valid ID to a cashier and ask them to access your available limit. They will have it for you in just a few seconds. You can also check your available limit at casino ATMs that display our ATM Cash @dvantage logo. Valid driver's license will be required.

You can request a limit increase or decrease by contacting a representative at our VIP Preferred Help Desk at 800.500.1973, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A representative there will be happy to assist you with your request.

It is very important to update the banking information on file if it ever changes so you can continue to enjoy the ease and convenience of cashing e-checks.

We provide 2 easy ways to update your bank account:

  1. You can bring a new check and your ID to the cashier cage of your favorite participating gaming establishment and say you would like to update or register your banking information.
  2. You can also call our VIP Preferred Help Desk at 800.500.1973 to update your banking information.

You can update the address information on file by contacting a representative at our VIP Preferred Help Desk at 800.500.1973, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A representative there will be happy to assist you with your request.

Yes. VIP Preferred takes security very seriously. We maintain our systems with the strictest of all data and information security standards.

No. VIP Preferred respects and safeguards your privacy. Please click here to view our full privacy policy.

You no longer need a VIP card. We've simplified everything for our customers, so all you will need is your government-issued ID.

Please contact a VIP Preferred Help Desk representative at 800.500.1973 for assistance.

Please call 800.500.1973 to speak with a VIP Preferred Help Desk representative for assistance.